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Find Vitamins & Minerals
That Your Gene Needs

Ready To Discover Your Personal Formula Base On Your Gene?

We don't guess about your HEALTH
Precise base on DNA

We are not all the same.
Which makes it only logical that vitamins
should be as unique as we are.

Through MyLifeCodes DNA test,
you can have
vitamins tailored made
to meet your
exact needs

How do you know...

You are taking the right supplements? or the right combination of nutrients?

Did you know

If you carry HFE genes (H63D and C282Y) which affect Iron metabolism, you cannot overload with Iron supplement, this may lead to chronic fatigue and joint pain.

Eventually, the accumulated iron leads to heart and liver damage and even life-threatening complications.

A DNA test with your
personal nutrigenomics report

We test 23 genetic markers and generate nutrigenomics report that provides information regarding your needs for micronutrients.

This includes Vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, E, K as well as Folate, Calcium,  Iron, Iodine and more. 

If your genetic test turns out to be deficient in certain nutrients and you do not take any actions, this may damage body DNA by breaking DNA strand, and cause oxidative lesions which double the cancer rate. (Ames et al, 2001)

Our At-home DNA collection kit makes it as easy as possible to assess your nutrition status anywhere anytime.

Unique formulations for your body’s unique needs


  • Analyzes your DNA and lifestyle to create a 100% custom formula just for you.


  • Only take 1 sachet to fulfil all your nutrient needs.


  • Flat rate, contains up to 50 vitamins. 

Why settle for ordinary when you can have your own personalized vitamins?

  • Prescribed by speciality doctors 
  • Good Manufacturing Practise (GMP) standards
  • Precise dosing of each nutrient to mg or mcg
  • Customized based on your unique needs
  • Multiple formulations in 1 sachet
  • No fillers, no artificial colourants 
  • Pharmaceutical Grade

You are different, why take the same supplement?

Save up to 30% on your vitamins and supplements when you subscribed with us. Send to you monthly!

Precise, better yet affordable. Personalize health care starts with a scientific way. 

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Made according to GMP quality.

Prescribe by doctors

Reports generated base on Malaysian & East Asian sample size

Premium Raw Nutrients

Backed by 400+ studies 


Personalized Vitamin Testimonial

Sleeping Quality improved

Great and convenient. Took the supplements daily, just carry them in your pocket or purse and take them along and consume them later on in the day. I didn’t really notice any big difference, but I feel my sleeping quality improve after adding emotional & wellness booster. It is a great idea.

Noryshah Ishaq

I can personalize my vitamins

I like that I can personalize my vitamins. And I can get free shipping. I can take a personalized nutrition assistant. I would buy this product again.

Ruth Ann

I feel amazing and never forget any of my daily doses

I’m horrible at remembering to take my vitamins but using prepackaged daily vitamins makes it so easy. I feel amazing and never forget any of my daily doses. All of the vitamins are in small plastic packs labelled day or night so I never mixed them up. Also I like being able to take them in my purse with me for when I’m on the go.


Positive improvements

I really like these vitamins. I noticed positive improvements in my skin, hair, and nails after using them. They are more than general vitamins specifically tailor base on my personal gene and lifestyle!


Vitamins with my personal name!

This was a great company with excellent products. I was very pleased with my vitamins they sent me and they all come in a clear pack bag labelled with my names so it made it very easy and convenient for my busy life!


Starts personalizing by looking into my DNA

This is the most impressive set of vitamins I have ever seen! I love that it starts off with a DNA test and a nutrigenomics report will be generated after 2-3 weeks. Then I’ll need to fill in a questionnaire base on my lifestyle and health goals. Then I get a personalized supplement delivered in a box with 30 sachets labelled with my name. These are going to be the next big thing, is amazing!



Zuhra binti Adham

Understand My lifestyle and toxins around me

By understanding my genetic predispositions is so important. It helps me determine what lifestyle changes I need to make in order to improve my immune strength and optimize my health.

I also learnt that are many different factors like stress, nutrition, and environmental toxins will affect my gene expression

Waiy Kua Khi

Covid-19 DNA Wellness report

This report will help me understand the impact of your genes on my immune response while providing actionable health recommendations designed to counteract any problematic genes.

Lim Lum Hun

Affordable than genetic consultation

MyLifeCodes’s Personalized Report is more affordable than genetic consults in a medical setting. In my COVID-19 & Respiratory Infections DNA Wellness Report, it is unique and personalized specifically for me and my health improvement journey.


Mylifecodes use gene-based personalized suggestions to improve my immune response.

In their COVID-19 DNA Wellness Report, they provide personalized supplement and lifestyle recommendations based on my specific genes. Their recommendations are prioritized based on what will have the most positive impact on my recommendation to fight against Coronavirus!

Peter Er Xi Kheong