Covid-19 Risk Assessment Report – Global

Find out your likelihood of hospitalization and death from Coronavirus. Get recommendations on how to decrease your risk.

Discover Your Potential Genetic Response to COVID-19

Our DNA health assessment supports data from various tests:

23andMe, Ancestry, Courtagen, FamilyTreeDNA, MyHeritage, Atlas, MapMyGenome, Diagnomics, DNALand, Illumina, LivingDNA, iGene, and so on.

Finding out your risk for COVID-19 is just one simple step away.

Import your DNA raw data now and receive your report in just 3 business days upon receiving your DNA raw data!

Data Privacy and Security

Freedom to delete your data

You keep 100% ownership over your data

What's Included in My COVID-19 DNA Pack Report?


Risk of viral infection


Risk of COVID — 19 complication


How your genes play a role in your susceptibility to covid-19

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Give you personalized gene-based suggestion to help you reduce risk


Health recommendation

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FREE vitamin report

Discover your risks now! Backed by the latest scientific research and the database of previous flu outbreaks, our DNA report provides you insightful data about your risks for COVID-19.

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We are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected.

We use appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect your personal data.

Your results will never be shared with a third party, unless upon your consent. For instance, in the case where you want to share your data with your doctor.

Your immunity is crucial.
By understanding your genes, we make COVID-19 prevention easier.

If you’ve already done a DNA test with any DNA test company, you can upload your raw data and get personalized COVID-19 and Immunity trait reports and recommendations from MYLIFECODES.

How does it work?

Step 1

Purchase the COVID- 19 Report

Step 2

Upload your raw DNA file

Step 3

Follow the steps in the Upload DNA page on how to download your raw file from your genetic testing company.

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What's included?

  • DNA Sample Collection Kit to be used at-home

  • COVID-19 Impact Risk Assessment Report

  • Nutrients & Vitamin Deficiency DNA Reports

  • Choose report from: Wellness / Fitness / Health Risk / Weight Management / Allergy & Sensitivity / Personality Traits / Skin Condition

  • DNA File can be used to order additional DNA Health Reports


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Covid-19 DNA Wellness report

This report will help me understand the impact of your genes on my immune response while providing actionable health recommendations designed to counteract any problematic genes.

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Affordable than genetic consultation

MyLifeCodes’s Personalized Report is more affordable than genetic consults in a medical setting. In my COVID-19 & Respiratory Infections DNA Wellness Report, it is unique and personalized specifically for me and my health improvement journey.


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