About Us

About Us

At MyLifeCodes, our passion for helping to improve the lives of others goes far beyond just merely offering genetic testing. We take pride in providing personalized solutions that are tailor-made for each individual needs to achieve their optimal health goals.

Through genetic testing, our customers unlock a wide array of traits as well as identify potential health risks allowing them to take initiative to lead a healthier lifestyle and take necessary preventive measures.

Our customers’ private health information is our utmost priority ensuring that their samples, genetic raw data, and health reports are never compromised.

Our Vision

To make DNA testing accessible and affordable to everyone, eventually becoming a staple to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Our Mission

To allow people to better understand themselves in terms of potential health risks and provide personalized solutions based on individual needs.

To reveal potential health risks through genetic testing and provide solutions to combat them.

Know your inherit gene risk by just one DNA test for a lifetime. .

Consultation Office for Customer

We are located at Equatorial Plaza, Kuala Lumpur

Our Science & Laboratory

Our laboratory is ISO accreditation. Is also the first ISO and GMP accredited lab for genetic testing, located at Shah Alam, Malaysia.